Your Souls's Purpose with Sue Johnson-Hewitt

This talk includes exploring aspects of why we are here and how Karma affects our daily lives

Light Language Channel and Sonic Alchemist Doris Collict

Doris will give an overview of the current earth frequencies shifts and changes, as we adjust and transition into the higher dimensional frequencies New Earth and evolve as conscious contributors and citizens to the paradigm of New Earth.

Dragon Energy and Us with Caroline Mitchell

The Dragons are another form of Divine Energy - similar to that of Spirit Guides and the Angelic Beings. They carry a different energy to that of the Angels in as far as the Dragons say we have work to do - so let’s get on with it!!

Lemuria the Land of Pure Unconditional Love - Kerry Wallace

Love as a healing energy has such power and beauty and is so difficult to live as an emotion that as humans we have complicated and misunderstood this emotion since the fall of Atlantis.

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