Jackie White - The Happiness Coach

Jackie White Happiness Coach and Leader of the Southampton Positive Living Group.


My wonderful father Ernest Loader passed away, the start of my Spiritual journey.


Married Joe White and went on to have two sons Joseph 1993 and James 1994.


I broke my leg and for the first time ever I think, I had time to watch day time TV and discovered Oprah Winfrey, while my marvellous Mum Pam Loader took care of my family and me. Oprah introduced me to some of the world's most inspirational people. At the time it didn't feel like a blessing but in breaking my leg it gave me the time to stop my life for a few months and I began to realize it was actually an absolute blessing.
I started to read books by Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Gary Zukav, Dr Phil, Cheryl Richardson, Abraham Hicks; the list goes on. All of these people helped me to lead a calmer, happier life, for my family and myself.


I saw an old episode of Oprah Winfrey with guest Robert Holden. I had never heard of Robert Holden before but discovered he originally comes from Winchester about 20 miles from where I live and he is a Happiness Professor. He asked the audience to score 5 statements on that show and my answers surprised me, from all the books I had read I felt my answers should have been far better than they were if I was honest.

I went on to book a Coaching Happiness Course with Robert in London in June of 2010, the course started on my 49th Birthday. I have since learnt that every 7 years is so significant for birthdays so of course 49 is 7 X 7.


I ran my first six week Happiness Course along with a friend..


I was asked if I would like to take over the Positive Living Group in Southampton. It had only been running for 5 weeks but for personal reasons my friend could not continue.

Since then I have held weekly meetings with different speakers every week always sharing inspirational, positive and uplifting stories with us and motivating a more positive way of viewing life

Training Courses I have attended:

Basic Counselling Skills masc (B.C.S.) 2001

OCR Certificate for Literacy and Numeracy Support Assistant  2002/03

Bullying and Harassment Counselling masc (Bul.Har)  2005

ELSA Emotional Literacy Support Assistant  2007/08  

Reiki Healing 1st Degree Certificate 2009/10

Reiki Healing 2nd Degree Certificate 2010

Coaching Happiness 2010

Lovability Course 2011      

Colour Course Certificate 2011

NLP Introduction Course Certificate December 2011

Certified Doreen Virtue Tarot Card Reader October 2013

Laughter yoga Leader March 2014

Seraphim Angel Healeing March 2016

My Six Week Happiness Course

Week One – Happiness & You – Learning to Love Yourself exactly as you are.

Week Two – Learning the benefits of accepting yourself & others.

Week Three – Emotions and how everyday life impacts us, become more aware and conscious of our unconscious.

Week Four – Relationships nurturing the relationship with yourself.

Week Five - Forgiveness of self and others and how much our life can improve through understanding forgiveness.

Week Six – Happiness & You Bringing each week together to experience: Feeling Happier, More connected to your life, Believe in yourself more, Become happier with who you are and, Experience more joy, peace, happiness & love.

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